A new large study suggests that people who drink three to four cups of coffee or tea per day at a 25% lower risk for Type 2 Diabetes than those who drink less than two cups.

The study, published in the latest issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, synthesized evidence available from 21 previous scientific studies over the last 40 years. The main conclusion was that for each additional cup of coffee and tea consumed in a day, the risk of diabetes is reduced by 7%!

This relationship has nothing to do with caffeine, as the study showed that the risk of diabetes is reduced by the same amount even for decaffeinated drinks. It is possible that some chemical components of tea and coffee may be responsible for the observed beneficial effects on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity (Type 2 Diabetes usually begins as a disorder in which the cells do not use insulin properly).

Also in the study, the risk for those drinking more than six cups of coffee a day was 40% lower than that for non-drinkers. However, that is not a reason to go overboard and order six Grandes every day! Just like anything else, coffee is best consumed in moderation. And while too much coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, it may result in other health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer.