It seems for the last few years since my embryonic stem cell therapy in India, I've come to be known as "that Lyme stem cell girl." Yes, I had Lyme disease and yes, I got stem cells so the name is quite fitting. You can call me that if you want although if you see me in public, please promise me you'll simply use "Amy" because I really like that name too. I know my mother would be happy to hear this since I wanted to change my name when I was younger. Oh how fun kids can be!

The book about my wonderful and adventurous while-sometimes-too-thrilling healing journey is almost finished now. It has been a labor of love, churning in my head for many years. I have included blog posts from my trips to India and think of that time as the building blocks to my full healing. Editing has been quite the emotional process. I had forgotten all the details, the turmoil and the unknowingness that co-existed in my world at that time. When I remember it without digging too deep, I see only a sea of the bright Indian colors and myself in the middle, exploring the city. I know that's not exactly how it went though.

I am often asked if I'd do it exactly the same if I got sick again. Despite absolutely knowing the stem cells were the final straw to save my life (much treatment came before that), my answer is unequivocally, "no."

In hindsight, I think I went about my healing just a little bit backwards. Thank goodness though, that I found all the pieces of the healing puzzle quickly enough anyway, and the completion was successful and permanent.

When my endometriosis got worse after stem cell therapy, I had a revelation like no other. I've shared it in my soon-to-be published book and hope it will help people gain a better understanding of what gets us sick, and helps us stay there. And ultimately, how we can reverse the patterns that underline chronic illness.

In essence, I believe emotional contributors to illness are possibly the biggest ones. I believe they have the ability to not only help make us sick, but keep us from full healing too. I've learned through much research and self-exploration, the detrimental effect of unprocessed emotions and trauma is just too heavy on the body. It can cause an erosion of even the best immune systems; and maintain a suppression of those trying so hard to recover.

Stress: we read over and over again what this does to us physically and how stress is the ultimate trigger for so many chronic conditions. After my stem cell therapy, if I didn't address the emotional baggage from my life, I know I could have definitely ended up right where I started — again. Thankfully though, I learned the lessons I needed to and relapse was not in my cards.

The secret is that just talking about emotions and traumas won't free you from them. The discovery of what we can do to truly move on has encouraged one of the biggest shifts in my healing.

I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you, my loyal and appreciated cheerleaders — and hope my being a few steps ahead on this journey will help keep you headed toward the light.

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