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Buying In Bulk And Health Prevention

Posted Thu, 2011/01/27 - 21:00 by Amer Kaissi


Sam’s Club is getting in the health care prevention business by offering its members a plan that will help them live healthy styles.

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What Causes Surgeons To Contemplate Suicide?

Posted Wed, 2011/01/26 - 21:00 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Insider

One in 16 surgeons report having contemplated suicide in the last year, with only one in four seeking professional mental help, according to a recent study.

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Doctors Are Frustrated And Dismayed By Health Care Reform

Posted Tue, 2011/01/25 - 23:14 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Insider

A recent survey reveals that the majority of doctors in the U.S. believe that the health care reform law will have a negative impact on quality of care and on doctors and patients in general.

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Patients Access Their Medical Records Through iPhone

Posted Wed, 2011/01/19 - 21:41 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Insider

A health system in California has followed the example of other organizations in providing its patients an iPhone application to allow them fast, secure and convenient access to their medical records.

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Where Do People Get Their Health Care Information?

Posted Wed, 2011/01/19 - 21:40 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Insider

Consumers are expected to turn more toward third-party media and information service companies when seeking health care-related information in 2011.

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Patients Will Reduce Utilization In 2011

Posted Wed, 2011/01/19 - 21:40 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance

Employers are expected to keep raising deductibles and co-pays for their health plans in 2011, which can cause patients to reduce their utilization of health care services.

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A Shift In The Way To Treat Eating Disorders

Posted Wed, 2011/01/19 - 21:00 by Fred Lee

Mind and body, Drugs & Treatments, Conditions & Diseases

Exercise may seem counter-intuitive as a way to treat eating disorders, but doctors now believe that it may be helpful for both treatment and prevention.

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New Guidelines To Prevent Falls In Seniors Encourage Tai Chi And Fewer Meds

Posted Wed, 2011/01/19 - 06:00 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Prevention, Alternative Treatments

New guidelines designed to protect seniors from falling injuries encourages Tai Chi and a reduction in the use of certain medications.

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The Sunshine Vitamin Helps Tuberculosis Recovery

Posted Wed, 2011/01/12 - 20:13 by Fred Lee

Alternative Treatments, Conditions & Diseases

Vitamin D has been shown to help antibiotics fight off tuberculosis infections in certain individuals, thus shedding light on possible ways to treat the disease.

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Looking At Estrogen's Role In Head And Neck Cancer

Posted Mon, 2011/01/10 - 21:00 by Fred Lee

Conditions & Diseases

Estrogen is believed to encourage the migration and proliferation of certain cancer cells, including tumors in the head and neck.

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