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Doctors Do Not Want To Take Call In Emergency Rooms

Posted Wed, 2011/02/16 - 21:00 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Care

Specialty doctors are hesitant to provide on-call coverage for hospital emergency rooms, unless they get paid extra for it.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: 6 Months Later

Posted Wed, 2011/02/16 - 05:23 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story, Lyme Disease

It's been six months since my last embryonic stem cell injection, and I've noticed some improvements with my immune system.

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Paying Doctors More Does Not Improve Outcomes

Posted Thu, 2011/02/10 - 21:36 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance, Patient Care

A new British study shows that paying doctors more money does not result in better outcomes for their hypertensive patients.

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The Importance Of Properly Diagnosing Lyme Disease Related Arthritis

Posted Thu, 2011/02/10 - 21:00 by Fred Lee

Lyme Disease, Patient Care

Proper treatment and prevention of Lyme disease related arthritis depends on the proper diagnosis.

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No Sponge Left Behind!

Posted Thu, 2011/02/10 - 01:26 by Amer Kaissi

Tests & Procedures, Patient Care

A new technology using surgical sponges tagged with special chips allows accurate detection if these sponges are mistakenly left inside the patient during surgery.

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A New Model For Primary Care

Posted Thu, 2011/02/10 - 01:25 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Care

A new physician practice promises to revolutionize the way primary care is provided by offering concierge medicine services at a low annual fee.

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Obesity Starts With Babies

Posted Sat, 2011/02/05 - 21:36 by Amer Kaissi


A new study suggests that one third of 9-month olds and one third of 2-year olds are obese or at risk for obesity.

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Weed Extract Effective In Treating Skin Cancer

Posted Sat, 2011/02/05 - 21:00 by Fred Lee

Drugs & Treatments, Cancer

Sap from a common weed has been shown to help reduce and even eliminate some forms of non-melanoma skin cancer.

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Patients Confused About Doctors’ Credentials

Posted Fri, 2011/02/04 - 06:02 by Amer Kaissi

Patient Care

A recent survey indicates that patients are not sure who is and who is not a medical doctor.

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Elective Deliveries Are Scheduled Too Early

Posted Fri, 2011/02/04 - 06:02 by Amer Kaissi

Tests & Procedures, Drugs & Treatments

A new call to action shows that rates of early elective deliveries are alarmingly high, and vary considerably from hospital to hospital and from region to region.

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