This Is How I Save My Life: Amy Scher's Healing Journey

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Deeper Into The Wild

Posted Wed, 2007/12/12 - 20:06 by amybscher

The India Story

After the unwelcome wake up call this morning and before dawn, waves of almost goose bump like sensations began raining in sheets over my lower body. I have never felt this sensation in my life. Every few minutes, it floods my lower body and then intermittently, it runs up the right side of my upper body. In just a few hours I will get my first full dose of stem cells.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Posted Tue, 2007/12/11 - 20:35 by amybscher

The India Story, Drugs & Treatments

I am set to get my first mini-dose of stem cells later in the afternoon. Dr. Ashish, Dr. Geeta Shroff’s partner, comes with a gang of helpers to administer it. He explains the gameplan. This first test shot is to make sure there is no reaction. They are looking for a rash at the injection site. It seems humorous to me. After all I’ve been through, a rash would be the least of my problems.

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Destination Delhi

Posted Tue, 2007/12/11 - 03:03 by amybscher

The India Story

I have been waiting for days for my nerves to kick in. I am still calm beyond reason as I sit quietly in the hospital room in Delhi. Dogs are howling in the alley behind me and I’m not tired, although it’s 3 a.m. here. Aren’t I supposed to be anxious, panicked, scared or (insert your favorite neurotic adjective here)?

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The Great Lyme Debate.....Answers!

Posted Wed, 2007/11/14 - 00:22 by amybscher

The India Story, Lyme Disease

As I sit here with paper towels clotting the blood from seeping where I just did my daily antibiotic shots (in a not so comfortable place), I'm fielding e-mail questions about Lyme Disease. It becomes more and more apparent, with Mystery Diagnosis on TV in the background, that people have questions about this unfamiliar disease - and I need to answer them.

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There Are Signs Everywhere

Posted Wed, 2007/11/07 - 07:03 by amybscher

The India Story

I have always said I am living a life of clichés. "You have to get worse before you can get better." "This too shall pass." "Everything is meant to be." "Life has no coincidences." It was pivotal when I realized all of those things really are true, and not just words older people use to fill up space in the air of conversations. "There are signs everywhere." Yes, there are indeed.

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The Struggles Of Staying The Course

Posted Mon, 2007/10/29 - 11:09 by amybscher

The India Story

Embryonic stem cells are of huge debate, as is healthcare in general. Some people bust in the ring with their fighting gloves on because, well.....that's what others are doing. Some understand what their stance is and some are longing to figure out how they feel in the midst of everyone else trying to tell them how they should.

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Sharing My Story

Posted Fri, 2007/10/26 - 05:32 by amybscher


As I get older (and wiser), my deep rooted sharing skills are inspiring me to tell my story - of struggles, triumph and everything in between. My path seems to have steered me in a direction that feels like I am often taking the long way home without a map to lead the way. I've now realized that without life's detours, we are bound to miss so much of the good stuff. My journey is something I never imagined it would be. It started almost literally in my own backyard and now has found its way to New Delhi, India.

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Hope For Health In India

Posted Fri, 2007/10/26 - 02:25 by amybscher

The India Story

Ten years ago, I was healthy and strong, donating my eggs for an infertile couple in Los Angeles whose last hope for a baby was a donor (me). I was the opportunity of new life for a family who wouldn't have had it otherwise. And now, when I need it most, the gift seems to be coming back to me halfway around the world. I keep joking that I must have karmic eggs.

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About Amy

Posted Sat, 2007/10/06 - 04:36 by amybscher

The India Story

This all started with a teenie-eenie itty bitty tick. One I never met. One I never even knew existed until years after it bit me and I had been all around the U.S. to find out why my 25-year-old body was falling apart. My journey started almost literally in my own backyard and now has found its way to New Delhi, India.

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