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Are Digital Mammograms Worth The Extra Cost?

Posted Thu, 2009/08/27 - 18:42 by Liora Hess

Tests & Procedures

Digital mammograms are more expensive than film mammograms, and the vast majority of imaging centers don't offer them. Find out if you're in a category of women who would benefit from digital mammography.

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Understanding The Healthcare Reform Debate: The Uninsured

Posted Mon, 2009/08/24 - 19:13 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance

Many Americans are confused about the healthcare reform debate. In this first of several articles relating to reform, I shed some light on the issue of the uninsured and why they are so important to this debate.

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The Physician (Assistant) Will See You Now

Posted Wed, 2009/08/19 - 23:50 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance, Tests & Procedures

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners have a limited scope of practice, but they provide care that is relatively inexpensive, of great quality and tend to spend more time with patients thus resulting in high satisfaction.

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EMDR Is Gaining Ground In Mainstream Medicine

Posted Tue, 2009/08/18 - 22:09 by Liora Hess

Alternative Treatments, Drugs & Treatments

While producing a few skeptics along the way, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as treatment for PTSD and other mental health disorders is becoming an acceptable form of therapy in the mainstream medical community.

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The Cost Factor: When Retail Clinics Are The Best Deal

Posted Tue, 2009/08/18 - 03:42 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance

For minor conditions, retail clinics are cheaper than urgent care clinics whether you have health insurance or are paying out of pocket.

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Weightlifting Is Good for Breast Cancer Survivors

Posted Fri, 2009/08/14 - 20:18 by Fred Lee

Drugs & Treatments, Cancer

Lifting weights has been shown to be beneficial to breast cancer survivors.

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Aspirin May Lower Risk Of Cancer Fatalities

Posted Fri, 2009/08/14 - 07:03 by Fred Lee

Prevention, Drugs & Treatments, Cancer

In addition to lessening pain while also helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes, aspirin is now believed to increase the chance of survival for patients suffering from colon cancer.

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Treatment For Diabetes That Comes In A Pill

Posted Wed, 2009/08/12 - 19:07 by Fred Lee

Diabetes, Drugs & Treatments

The potential discovery of a pill to treat diabetes could spell the end of needles sticks for many diabetics.

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Retail Vs. Urgent Care Clinic: What's The Difference?

Posted Tue, 2009/08/11 - 21:42 by Amer Kaissi

Costs & Insurance

Urgent care centers are different from retail clinics in that they are staffed by physicians and therefore can treat more major conditions. However, retail clinics can be more convenient, have shorter wait times and are cheaper.

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Climate Change And Lyme Disease

Posted Sun, 2009/08/09 - 13:24 by Fred Lee

Lyme Disease

As global temperatures rise, so too might the prevalence and distribution of insect born illnesses, including Lyme Disease.

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