This Is How I Save My Life: Amy Scher's Healing Journey

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Flavonoid Rich Foods May Reduce Risk for Parkinson’s Disease

Posted Thu, 2012/04/26 - 21:09 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Prevention, Alternative Treatments, Conditions & Diseases

Eating flavonoid rich foods like berries, tea and wine may have a protective effect against Parkinson's disease.

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Art Helps Recovering Stroke Victims

Posted Thu, 2012/04/19 - 20:15 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Mind and body, Conditions & Diseases, Beyond Science

An appreciation for art can have positive health benefits for people recovering from strokes.

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Magnesium Supplements Lower Blood Pressure

Posted Tue, 2012/03/27 - 21:51 by Fred Lee

Prevention, Alternative Treatments, Conditions & Diseases

Nutrition researchers have found that taking magnesium supplements may help to reduce a person's blood pressure and help lower their risk for related health problems.

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Rainforest Remedy for Dental Pain

Posted Mon, 2012/03/26 - 21:12 by Fred Lee

Drugs & Treatments, Alternative Treatments, Patient Care

A natural painkiller from the rainforests of Peru may offer patients effective relief from painful injections during dental procedures.

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New Insights From "That Lyme Stem Cell Girl" (and a free book preview too!)

Posted Wed, 2012/03/07 - 01:58 by amybscher

The India Story, Mind and body, Alternative Treatments, Lyme Disease

The book about my wonderful and adventurous while-sometimes-too-thrilling healing journey is almost finished now. I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you, my loyal and appreciated cheerleaders — and hope my being a few steps ahead on this journey will help keep you headed toward the light.

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Yoga Effective for Easing Back Pain

Posted Wed, 2012/02/29 - 22:46 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Prevention, Alternative Treatments, Beyond Science

In the largest clinical trial to date, regular classes in yoga was found to be effective in reducing lower back pain.

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Citrus Reduces a Woman’s Risk for Stroke

Posted Tue, 2012/02/28 - 01:06 by Fred Lee

Prevention, Conditions & Diseases

Consumption of citrus fruits and fruit juices was found to lower a woman's risk of having a stroke.

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Loneliness May Impair Our Ability to Sleep

Posted Tue, 2012/01/31 - 23:23 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Mind and body

Feeling lonely and isolated can have adverse effects on a person's ability to get a good night's sleep.

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Exercise the Brain to Delay Dementia and Alzheimer's

Posted Mon, 2012/01/30 - 21:35 by Fred Lee

Patient Insider, Prevention, Mind and body

Using and challenging your mind may have tangible benefits over our lifetimes and may protect us from the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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Belly Fat And Ovarian Cancer

Posted Thu, 2011/12/01 - 00:33 by Fred Lee


Having excessive belly fat can lead to numerous chronic health problems, including the development of ovarian cancer in women.

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