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Hey Amy,

Nice job on so many levels. It's unfortunate that one of the things that is most precious in our lives, our health, is also one that we take most for granted. It is often only when our health starts to fail us that we really begin to realize how important it is. That said, you've shown incredible strength and fortitude to overcome not only the physical aspect of your condition, but the social obstacles and the emotional burdens that arise from them.

It's truly an inspiring story, and I can't tell you how much respect and admiration I have for you in not just overcoming these obstacles, but having the courage to chart your own path and find the answers for yourself, rather than just listening to what others tell you and giving up. It's something we could all learn an imporant life lesson from.

Thanks for sharing your story and giving us all the inspiration to keep up the fight.


In response to Exercise the Brain to Delay Dementia and Alzheimer's
2 years 44 weeks ago, trickyflower said:

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia and Alzheimer's have become common among elders in the recent past. Though there are medicines for these diseases, what the patients need the most is care and concern from family members and the society. This is not a disease of regular sort but rather a state where the patient needs to be cared and loved.


In response to Doctors Happy With Massachusetts Universal Coverage Law
2 years 44 weeks ago, Elizabeth Ryan said:

Has the state of

Has the state of Massachusetts given us a sneak peak at what Universal Healthcare will give us?


In response to Strengthening the Brain With Meditation
2 years 44 weeks ago, Guest said:

I love meditation

It helpes me in many ways to calm down in stressful situations. If you have already done it for a few times, you will notice that you can get faster in those relaxing states. But generally living in the now already leads you into a state of light meditation and greater awareness of the things that are happening around you.
Once you start to live consciously you will also notice that your ego is literally trying to infect you somehow, it is trying to get your attention by all means, and is doing really crazy stuff to get you into that identification, so guys, if you read this, be careful and watch your mind. I hope it is ok to post my link here: Energie
Thank you.


In response to Tai Chi for Heart Failure Survivors
2 years 46 weeks ago, John LaFosse said:

Heart failure

After a mild heart attack, I certainly used my tai chi and qi gong training to help live a better quality of life. I'd even go as far to say bagua circle walking is highly beneficial. However, my family has frowned upon my training. Not sure why, If I can function better. Sitting and standing Chi gung leaves one with the confidence of living another day. There is no question if you practice.


In response to Acupuncture Helps Patients With Heart Disease To Exercise
2 years 46 weeks ago, John LaFosse said:

heart disease and acupuncture

What I've found, after being diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic heart valve that has gone stenoic is that leading up to surgery (which is happening soon) is if I had acupuncture on a regular basis I would certainly lead a better quality of life. Yes, I've take beta blockers and blood thinners but it is more than that. A lifestyle change is in order. Even without that change the effects of acupuncture, learning qigong from a qualified practitioner is beneficial and it takes a bit of faith with regards to being open minded. After 10 + years of thinking about this issue, it is a no brainer. Acupuncture is the first line of defense is treating an ailment. Beta blockers for heart problems is wonderful science but acupuncture allows me to live.


In response to Amy Scher: The Stem Cell Relapse Rumor Put To Rest
2 years 46 weeks ago, Anonymous said:

psychiatric Lyme

Dear Amy,

I have lyme, and when not on antibiotics, it leads to psychiatric symptoms. When you mention stem cells perhaps not be recommended for psychiatric patients, does this include those whose psychiatric symptoms are completely due to Lyme?

Thanks so much.



In response to Stress and Trauma May Contribute to IBS
2 years 46 weeks ago, Fred Lee said:

Thanks Amy

Hi Amy,

kudos to your efforts. I believe the mind-body connection is more important than western medicine gives it credit for, though that is gradually changing. Our health is so integrated with our state of mind that as our mental health suffers, it seems inevitable that our bodies follow suit. The problem is that it's not instantaneous, so it's easy to ignore.

I also agree that stress is one of the biggest threats to our health out there, so it's extremely important that people like you are not only acknowledging its role in our health, but taking steps to address it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



In response to Eating Fish Helps Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease
2 years 47 weeks ago, patricia said:

I like fish! Thanks for

I like fish! Thanks for article!

I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.

It is just an absurd act to force even the hail and healthy people to behave as if they are already facing some symptoms of diabetes or obesity.



In response to Stress and Trauma May Contribute to IBS
2 years 48 weeks ago, Amy Scher said:

Stress is such a big trigger for chronic illness!

Hi Fred,

Awesome article. I see this all the time in working with those suffering from chronic illness. There is always some kind of trauma or trigger that is the 'last straw' for the body before it goes into a dis-ease state.

I help people to release negative emotional energy from their past and it's amazing to see how this starts to shift the physical body. I believe stress is the biggest challenge our country faces in relationship to our health.

Thanks so much for bringing this to light. IBS is a tough thing to live with.


In response to Never Say Never: The Art Of Medical Intuition
2 years 49 weeks ago, Anonymous said:


I had been waiting until I started my new job, to call my intuitive when I had high blood pressure. Well, then I did call when I felt like I'd had a stroke. He called back and said yes, unfortunately, but a very mild one. He mentioned the area of the brain, and that I had a tiny blood clot. He said the hospital would give me diuretics, etc.

Two days later, the neurologist said they had the MRI results. I stopped him to tell him what my intuitive had said, and asked if that was what they'd seen with the MRI. He said, "That's exactly what we saw."

And he was right that I am completely recovering.

So there you go, debunkers.


In response to Exercise for Migraines
2 years 49 weeks ago, Fred Lee said:

Hi James

Nothing is foolproof or without exceptions. Exercising is by no means a guarantee that you'll never get migraines, and the onset of migraines could be due to any number of circumstances. That said, it's hard to argue with the overall benefits of exercise. You might want to consult with your doctor about frequent migraine occurrence. Best of luck with it.


In response to Loneliness and Aging
2 years 49 weeks ago, Fred Lee said:

Only the Lonely

Hi Everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think in the driven technically advanced world that we live in, we lose sight of the simple but important things in our lives, especially human contact and social interaction. As we become more socially isolated due to the way we live our lives, this situation seems like it will only get worse, thus making it all the more important to strengthen and encourage our social ties. Thanks.


In response to Moderate Drinking May Prevent Osteoporosis
2 years 49 weeks ago, Fred Lee said:

Hi Jack

In this situation, I don't think more is necessarily better. Moderate consumption is the key, and increasing the quanitity does not always translate into increasing the benefit, so drink responsibly. If you have any questions, talk to you doctor.


In response to Sprinting Instead of Jogging to Fight Fat
2 years 49 weeks ago, Fred Lee said:

Too Little Time

Hi Holly Thrifty,

I agree, we're so busy in our daily lives that it's hard to find time to do what is best for us, but at least finding a timely alternative is a step in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


In response to Amy Scher: The Stem Cell Relapse Rumor Put To Rest
2 years 49 weeks ago, zobi said:


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