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Follow Amy and Kyla's journey halfway around the world through embryonic stem cell treatments in search of help for her Lyme Disease. (To read their stories from the beginning, click here for Amy's India Story and Kyla's Journey.)

This Is How I Save My Life: Amy Scher's Healing Journey

Welcome, and thank you for being interested in the long, adventurous, and sometimes hilarious story of how I save my life. This section is intended to help you get information fast and avoid searching the growing number of posts on this site. I hope you find just what you're looking for! full story

What I Know For Sure: Life After Lyme and Other Chronic Conditions

Posted Fri, 2013/01/04 - 01:56 by amybscher

The India Story, Mind and body, Lyme Disease

As my words finally make it out into the world (in print!), I sit here and reflect on all that I have learned. I wonder how I can capture it all and bottle it, so I never forget. Not even 50 years from now. The suffering I endured from Chronic Lyme disease and all of my other diagnoses, is something that that I'd never give back now. For so much of where my life has landed has came from flying blindly through all of those years.

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New Insights From "That Lyme Stem Cell Girl" (and a free book preview too!)

Posted Wed, 2012/03/07 - 01:58 by amybscher

The India Story, Mind and body, Alternative Treatments, Lyme Disease

The book about my wonderful and adventurous while-sometimes-too-thrilling healing journey is almost finished now. I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you, my loyal and appreciated cheerleaders — and hope my being a few steps ahead on this journey will help keep you headed toward the light.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: Back for More

Posted Wed, 2011/11/09 - 04:18 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story

A year after receiving my first embryonic stem cell therapy, I return to New Delhi for booster cells. As my health continues to improve, I explain my decision to return and the positive changes in my life this year.

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Amy Scher: The Stem Cell Relapse Rumor Put To Rest

Posted Fri, 2011/09/09 - 06:19 by amybscher

The India Story

In recent days, the India pot has been stirred up a little. I have had several people contact me, concerned that I have relapsed. Apparently, that was the word around what I call 'Lyme-town,' the virtual world where Internet forums and email groups and patient blogs rule. And often, as I've learned in this little loved cyber town, reporting can be inaccurate.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: 6 Months Later

Posted Wed, 2011/02/16 - 05:23 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story, Lyme Disease

It's been six months since my last embryonic stem cell injection, and I've noticed some improvements with my immune system.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: 4 Months Later...

Posted Wed, 2010/10/06 - 07:44 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story, Alternative Treatments, Lyme Disease, Drugs & Treatments

swimming cap.jpg
After spinal procedures, heat stroke and a long airplane ride, I am back in the states and working like a "normal person." This is my first blog in two months and I have some improvements to report.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: NuTech "Procedures," Part I

Posted Wed, 2010/08/11 - 20:12 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story

After small daily injections of stem cells, I experience my first 'procedure,' a large infusion of stem cells into the spinal area. Although these are classified as "not my favorite days," the end result is uplifting: procedures make the difference.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: The Side Effects

Posted Tue, 2010/08/10 - 20:35 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story

After seven weeks of receiving embryonic stem cells, I have noticed no real side effects from the treatment itself.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment: The Week 3 Improvement List

Posted Wed, 2010/08/04 - 20:22 by Kyla Puklus

The India Story

After daily injections of embryonic stem cells, I see improvements by the third-week mark. Jessie passes the care-taking baton to Andrea and I reflect on the necessity of friends.

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