After a recent discussion about stem cells and Lyme Disease on LymeNet, an online Lyme community, a fellow stem cell patient who underwent therapy in India chimed in to offer his experience for other people to read.

I am posting his experience here with permission. I have had many requests for other patient stories and I thank him for being willing to do this.


This post is a bit late because I was traveling back from India when all the activity was occurring. It is also a bit long. I was the third lyme patient to receive HESCs. I received treatment in New Delhi in July and August of 2008 and January 2009. Although I was still gradually getting worse at the time that I went to New Delhi in July, I felt my lyme was fairly under control.


-My lyme story is like so many others: Many doctors, not diagnosed for about 8 years, and misdiagnosed…etc.

-Symptoms resemble MS: loss of balance, strength, coordination, endurance. Lot of muscle tightness and pain.

-On Antibiotics for about 4 years

-Babesia coinfection.

-Lesions on brain and spinal cord

That should provide enough of a picture.

Results of Treatment

The results have been life changing for me. Instead of existing, I’m living. I went on my first vacation in years. I can walk into the grocery store without worrying if I will make it back out without assistance. I walk my dog.

Objective results:

-SPECT scans—originally showed 5 places where there were problems—1 is now gone and the other 4 show good improvements

-Blood results: Both white and red counts had been below normal for years—both are now in the normal range. I had macrocytic anemia for years —that was fixed also.

-CD57 increased by 60

Subjective results:

-Pain and tightness have improved 90%. I wake up in the morning mostly pain free.

-Balance has improved—I no longer have to hold on to something to walk. My feet do not cross over when I do walk. I have worked up to walking ¾ mile without any support or difficulty.

-Strength, Balance and Coordination have all greatly improved

-All has not come back yet. For example, the skin sensitivity on my legs have improved, but not all the way yet. Still have some bladder issues as well

-During my stay, I also saw other patients improve


There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about the HESC treatment in New Delhi. Dr. Shroff has treated over 600 patients since 2002—she has been at this for at least 6 years and NO negative side effects have been observed. Of course, this includes no tumor growths. She has treated all kinds of “incurable” conditions. Only one human embryo has been used. The stem cells from this one embryo could theoretically treat everyone in the world. It is also important to understand that no immunosuppressant drugs are needed. No animal “feeder” cells are used.

For me HESC has been a very effective treatment for the damage caused by lyme disease.

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